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Air Duct Health Solutions

Thoroughly cleaning your air ducts, ventilation systems and dryer vents is a crucial part of keeping your home, not only clean, but healthy.  Not only do we remove all dirt and dust from your ventilation by surface cleaning but we also can incorporate organic sanitizing compounds to ensure thorough removal of all mildew, mold spores, animal dancer, dust mites and all other microscopic debris from your airways.


The air quality inside your home is so important. Don't breathe contaminated air or suffer from unneeded allergies any longer. Our local cleaning company is skilled in cleaning and removing debris from air ducts. We'll thoroughly clean your ducts and remove damaging particles that circulate through the air. Our customers have told us that after cleaning their ducts, they have less headaches, fewer allergy attacks, and less dust to clean on their furniture.

No matter how often you clean your dryer's lint trap, lint and debris get through the filter into the dryer vent behind the wall. And because we care about our customers, we will check everyone's dryer vent to make sure that there isn't a clog in it or that one is not 

starting to form.

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