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Sun Shades, Patio Shades, Bug Screens, and more!

Part of owning a home in Phoenix comes with the dreaded summer heat and, consequently, the high electricity bill. Whether you’re looking to cool down your home, save money on utilities, or step up your curb appeal, installing sun screens on your windows in Phoenix is an absolute must! Luckily, Shade My Home can handle everything for you! Dealing with window measurements alone can be a hassle, so let our team of qualified professionals handle your home living solutions for you!

Quality Window Sun Screens in Phoenix

It’s certainly no mystery that Phoenix and surrounding areas face extreme heat throughout the summer. First of all, if you are familiar with the area, you know just how high those temperatures can get! The record for the hottest day in Phoenix occurred in 1990 for a whopping 122℉; you can always expect a hot summer. Therefore, Phoenix homeowners look for the most energy saving options such as solar shade screens. We excel at shade screen installation and repair, and retractable patio shades.


Shade My Home

We’re the best because we:

  • Are a community-oriented business

  • Provide solar shade screens and patio screens

  • Guarantee all of our work

  • Take great care while a guest in your home

  • Focus on honest and reliable service

  • Offer coupons for our services

  • Provide top-notch customer care

  • Carry high-quality, dependable products


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